Visiting Rome with Kids


In the conventional sense, Rome isn’t a great city for kids, frankly. There aren’t too many parks here, the museums don’t have many hands-on, fun things. But on the other hand, many squares in the city are traffic free. There is a lot of space for running around or chasing pigeons while Dad and Mom enjoy their coffee at the outdoor café. Plus, Italians love kids, so locals are always friendly toward traveling families with kids. And little ones will love the gelato and pizza, too.

The truth is that, kids may not fall in love with the Colosseum, though they can snap a few funny pictures by dressing up as Gladiators, and they might get bored with the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican. But that doesn’t mean that there is nothing in Rome for kids to do. There are, indeed, some interesting and fun kid-friendly activities in Rome.

Things to See In Rome with Kids

The Said Vintage Chocolate Factory is a great activity for kids in Rome–actually, for adults too! This chocolate factory opened in 1923 and was bombed extensively during World War II. Now it’s been turned into a museum that showcases antique chocolate making machines. There is a gift shop as well.

Technotown is a must visit if you have older kids. Try the Time Machine here, which transports visitors to ancient Rome. There are many science-based interactive technology exhibits your kids are sure to find very interesting. Budding techies will love the FlipBall.

I Burattini del Gianicolo

There are some cinemas for kids and puppet theaters as well, like the I Burattini del Gianicolo. Many kids might not understand the dialogue, but the puppets will definitely catch their attention. The handcrafted traditional puppets are beautiful. Also in the area, your kids will love the cannon that is shot every day at noon.

The Trevi Fountain is always a favorite among the kids, just like it is with adults. It’s fun to toss a coin into the fountain. Your child is going to remember Trevi for many years.

The Bocca della Verità is also a fun activity in Rome for kids. You are expected to stick your hands into the mouth of a stone face that is built into the wall of a church. According to legend, the mouth gobbles up your hand if you are liar.

bocca della verita

And, lastly, there is the Bioparco di Roma, a zoo located within the Borghese Gardens.  Kids will love seeing the giraffes, butterflies, and tigers–and going for a ride on the train!  In fact, you could spend the whole day in the Gardens, between the zoo, the amazing views of Rome, the fountains, and the water clock.

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