Some Other Things to See in Rome

The city of Rome is full of attractive tourist destinations that include various ancient monuments, museums, catacombs and churches. Rome has a rich ancient history that is exemplified by the ancient ruins and beautiful places all over the city. You can even enjoy small, delightful parks and other fascinating attractions.

Sightseeing in the metropolis of Rome is hugely enjoyable and this is augmented by the excellent transportation facilities available in Rome. Some of the wonderful places that you can see while traveling in Rome are:  

Campo de’Fiori Market
This is the most popular open- air market in Rome. Fish, meat, fruits, and lots of other products have been sold in this market for centuries. A traveler can experience the daily life in Rome through this market. The market is dotted with small, lively, and colorful cafes and shops. It is the best evening-hangout spot in the city.

Giancolo Hill
You can experience a beautiful panoramic view of Rome from this hill. Furthermore, you can enjoy pony rides and a merry-go-round at the top.

Church of Santa Maria and the Mouth of Truth
Santa Maria church is a famous ancient building with splendid architecture. This is an entertaining place to stop with your family and friends. It is built on pagan ruins, and outside, you’ll find the Bocca di Verità, portraying the face of ‘river god’ with an open mouth. It is believed that whosoever puts his hand into the mouth of this statue and then tells a lie, shall pay for it dearly.

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