Top Excursions from Milan

Milan is the shopping capital of Italy. You will find boutique stores and some of the best known brands almost everywhere you go in the city. Milan is also the city of Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.” But head out of the city, and you can go on many fantastic day trips and longer excursions. Indeed, there is a lot to see around Milan as well. Here are some of the main excursions from Milan.

The Lakeslake comoThere are three stunning lakes close to this northern Italian city: Como, Lago di Garda, and Lago Maggiore. Italy’s Lake District is complete with hills and valleys all around, lending an extremely scenic view around all three lakes. Lake Como is just an hour away from Milan, while Lake Maggiore is 1.5 hours away. Take boat rides on the lakes and see the stunning villas along the coast. Get down into the small coastal villages to explore them. You could visit the beautiful medieval city of Verona, home of “Romeo and Juliet,” as well with your trip to Lake Garda.

Venice – There is no city like Venice anywhere else in the world. You will certainly not want to miss it. Venice is so close to Milan that you could even go on a day trip. But obviously it would be better to spend a few days in Venice to enjoy a walking tour and gondola ride. You are sure to love the architecture and exquisite art of Venice.

Cinque Terrecinque_terre_vernazzaVisit the incredible Cinque Terre on a day-trip from Milan. The five fishing villages of Vernazza, Corniglia, Monterosso al Mare, Riomaggiore, and Manarola make Cinque Terre the most scenic coastal region of the country. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site as well. You will definitely love the train trip, boat rides, and scenic drives along the charming towns that hang on the cliffside. Spend a couple of days here if you can and go on lots of walking tours.

Portofino and Genoa – This is the Italian Riviera, and it’s no less beautiful than the south of France. Portofino and Genoa are both glamorous. There is a lot of maritime history to be discovered as well. It is definitely among the best excursions from Milan.

Bernina ExpressBernina ExpressA ride on the Bernina Express to the ski resort of St, Moritz is a trip of a lifetime. You will pass through some of the highest mountain passes in Europe. If you want, you can take another train trip from St. Moritz to Zermatt. That is the Glacier Express, another memorable train trip.

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