Planning Your Italy Vacation

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A vacation to Italy is something everyone needs from time to time. One of the easiest ways to book a Italy Holiday is through a travel agent or tour operator. We also plan our own Italy vacations thanks to today’s internet connected world. Online we go to sites like,,, and to have them help us find affordable prices for our vacation. Some travelers reserve a package deal, while others like to keep it an adventure and only organize the minimum necessary. If you are one of those adventurous travelers here are a couple of things you should keep in mind for a vacation to Italy.

Where do you want to go
Italy has fun and culture for everyone. The way you can decide where to go when planning to go to Italy is to keep in mind that there’s something for everyone in all of the Italian Regions, Coasts and islands. You should also find out what kind of weather each has because it will help you decide if you really want to go there if it is cold or hot. If you are an art lover you need to research the cities that have more art galleries and art collections, this way you can put them on your list (for example: Florence (Firenze) would be one with Uffizi Gallery, Rome with Vatican Museum and Borghese Gallery, Venice (Venezia)  another with the Palazzo Ducale and Correr Museum).   If it is food you want to try, then Italy is a check on the list. So browse articles and ask friends what cities and italian regions are known for most or have more of.

How do you want to travel
Are you adventurous or a planner?  If you are adventurous you should plan your Italy trip as a backpacker and by train.  It will be one of the most exciting ways for you to see this amazing country.  If you are a planner and meticulous you can still do train, even though there could be some delays on departures or strikes.  You could opt for flying, which can be somewhat more reliable in punctuality, but more expensive.  Lastly a Italian road trip, could also be your option, but make sure you find out what the driving is like in each country and city you want to visit.  Just a little example: Trento and Bolzano are very orderly and all drivers follow street signals and rules; but in Rome (Roma) or Naples (Napoli) you will find the total opposite.

You need to decide how much you want to spend.  This is important if you want to have a relaxed vacation and the possibility to do at least most of what you would like to on your Italy trip.  You can average out how much you would like to spend a day for food, drinks, and fun; how much you want to spend for tours and trips to other destinations within one country; and how much you need to spend for your accommodation.  Most of what you calculate will be average, except for tours, accommodation and travel means (if by train or plane), which will be more exact.  When you have the amount it is a good idea to then round it up just a tad.  If on the other hand it is too much, then you need to eliminate a couples or more of the destinations you wanted to visit.

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