Spotlight On: The Dolomites Region

It is such a pity really! Most tourists to Italy visit the cities of Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, and even Naples. But if you consider the numbers, you will see that far fewer tourists come to the Dolomites, but the reality is that the Dolomites in the north of Italy are among the most scenic destinations anywhere in Europe. The area should get at least the same number of tourists as Switzerland and Austria. But it doesn’t–and that’s good for you!


The Dolomites are a mountain range in northern Italy. There are 18 peaks here that go higher than 3,000 meters. But it’s not just about the peaks. There are some dazzling valleys, sparkling lakes, and beautiful small villages that make Dolomites so visually appealing. The sheer cliffs, vertical walls, long and deep valleys are indeed a treat for the eyes. You are sure to love the twisting and turning roads and the mountain hideaways here. There are many karst systems and glacial landforms as well. The unique hills have been formed because of years of avalanches, floods, and frequent landslides. The area has been included into the UNESCO World Heritage list. While most tourists who come to the Dolomites are skiers, it’s also the perfect destination for hikers, bikers, campers, and nature lovers.


The Dolomites is the perfect winter destination, but it’s a very good place to visit during the summer as well. Many celebrities have also discovered this region of Italy. For instance, Earnest Hemingway had penned many short stories sitting in the bar at Hotel de la Poste in the small town of Cortina. Audrey Hepburn praised the Dolomites handsomely as she wafted past the inns here. A lot of Italian designers have their shops here. Many movie stars, politicians, authors, princes, and kings have visited Cortina and fell in love with the beautiful town. But there are other beautiful towns in the Dolomites as well, like Selva Gardena, Ortisei, and Cristina.


You could pick any of these towns. Or you may select one of the log cabins located in remote areas to live within the wilderness. Go on a hiking trip during the summer or try skiing during the winter. Hiking is probably the best way to see these unique hills and appreciate the stunning beauty of the Dolomites. Remember to be careful when you are selecting the hiking trail. Some are easy, but there are some extensive ones as well that can take several days to complete. You might have to scale difficult peaks in the high altitude hikes.

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